Found my blues with my brother
Got my crown from the gutter
Wrote my name in the Silver Age
With pen & ink all across it's face

You take time like it's nothing
You draw lines over everything
Made my case in the Silver Age
Ships don't sink when they lose their way

I saw Nikolay, I saw Nikolay waving his hands
He was working on the ceasing of tears
He was working on the shores of Abyssinia
When I cried to Nikolay,
"What crown was given to you when God was born?!"

He took a step at me
He took a step

"One who waits in the Silver Age.
Where ships don't sink when they lose their way."


from Soul Remains pt​.​1 & 2, released February 19, 2016
Jimmy Beers- Drums
Jeff Beers- Bass
Josh Murphy- Guitars, Vocals,
Marcus Lappin- Organ



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