Strange, How Strange

from by William Feigns



Up comes Mickey all covered in smoke
His room is electric reverberated messes
He's pensive with worry
'Bout the judge & the jury
Got that Mercury soul

Marcus is driving Lucy, a hearse,
We all took a ride, now, for better or worse
He's a two headed twin
Double image within
Got that attractive curse

Jordan stops by He's on with the Lord
His eyes are on fire to match his desires
He cuts through a dream
Rips open the seams
With his holy sword

Jon comes to rescue with laughter & joke
He weighs it instead, flirts under his breath
He knows to let it slide
What life can deny
& death can denote

Kierstin's a Cancer, got that motherly joy
She rolls with the punches don't make no assumptions
She'll dance & she'll swoon
By the light of the moon
She got a thing for the boys

David is watching what the scene will enjoy
He darts when he walks, he jives when he talks
He got his heart on his sleeve
Defending a dream
That his mind will employ

Reed went to Nashville looking for work
You know, she felt like my sister, lord knows we all missed her
Then Reed had a baby
Her dad was debasing
But she handled the hurt

The Professor is painting sounds for the scape
He speaks his mind strange, he got no time for the plain
He keeps the bullshit away
Holds the ladies at bay
'Till they're hip to his shake

I'm by the river at the close of the day
Listening for a word or a beautiful dirge
Fulfilling the scheme
That was spoke over me
At the moment of birth

So I write what I saw, I sing what I see
Though the vision's retreating I remember the meaning
How strange how strange
To be a part of this place
A dream in a dream


from Soul Remains pt​.​1 & 2, released February 19, 2016
Josh Murphy - Vocals, Guitars
Jeff Beers - Bass Guitar
Chris Wittman - Drums



all rights reserved